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About SMCC Construction India Limited

SMCC Construction India Ltd. (SMCI) is an Indian subsidiary of Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co. (SMCC). In 1989, the former Mitsui Construction Co. established its New Delhi Office for the coal-fired Anpara Thermal Power Station Project, which led to the incorporation of SMCI in 1996 as the first local subsidiary of a Japanese general contractor in India. For the 25 years since then, SMCI has been the leading Japanese general contractor in the Indian market, supporting Japanese and other foreign companies in their move to, and business development in, India. Using our expertise gained over the years, as well as top-notch quality and safety control and optimized schedule management systems, we have successfully completed over 300 projects (of which Japanese companies accounted for more than 150) as of December 2020 in various parts of India, delivering buildings to our clients and receiving high accolades from them. To effectively accommodate our customers’ needs and requests, SMCI currently (as of December 2020) employs about 25 Japanese staff mostly loaned by SMCC and about 440 local staff to form a solid organization that can handle not only construction work but also provide design and maintenance services. We also have SMCC sales representatives and engineers in Japan who are well versed in Indian business practices and can swiftly respond to customers’ inquiries and requests. With this foundation, we provide comprehensive support and coordination for construction projects—from design and license and permit applications to construction, handover, and follow-up care — to deliver Japanese quality and standards to our customers.

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Point 1 : Extensive experience and proven track record

Since our first move to India in 1989, we have completed more than 300 projects for private (including foreign) companies, exceeding 50% market share among Japanese contractors every year in terms of contract value.

Point 2 : Professional staff and a solid foundation

Some 25 Japanese employees and about 440 local staff make up highly qualified and experienced teams of professionals in various parts of India to offer integrated support from permit and license applications to design, construction, and maintenance.

Point 3 : Engineering design solutions and on-time delivery

Harnessing our extensive experience, we propose functional design solutions that are best suited to the Indian environment and the needs and desires of our customers. With our engineering know-how gained over the years and rigorous project management, we complete and hand over the deliverables on time.

Point 4 : Rigorous safety and quality control and cost management

We strictly comply with safety and quality standards using a project management system (PMS). A stable inflow of orders allows us to buy and procure construction materials in large quantities to reduce costs.


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